The Greatest Economy Ever? | Self Governance Project

Is This The Greatest Economy Ever?

One of the most powerful bankers in the world believes that this is the most prosperous economy the world has ever seen. People like Rush

The Coming Storm | Self Governance Project

The Coming Crisis of Freedom

There is an economic storm of colossal magnitude on the horizon. When will it arrive? I’m not certain, and neither are the economic “experts” if

Gold: More Than A Shiny Rock | Self Governance Project

Gold: More Than A Shiny Rock

During the Revolutionary War, Congress was strapped for money. Back in those days, real money was gold and silver. Everyone knew that. So, in order

Different Parties, Same Team | Self Governance Project

Different Parties, Same Team

American politics is a sham. A distraction from the real game being played. If you’re a Republican or Democrat, you might not think so. You

Resilience | Self Governance Project

Resilience: The Must Have

Are you resilient? That is probably the most important question to think about and answer this year, because in the coming days, you may need

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