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Self Governance Project | Take Out The Trash

Self Governance Step 4: Take Out The Trash

As you begin to take control of your life by following the Steps of Self Governance, there will come a point when you realize that there are things in your life that are holding you back. The logical next step

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Self Governance Project | Connect With God

Self Governance Step 3: Connect With God

If you have been reading the Steps To Self Governance Series so far, you will know that Step 1 is to take control of your own life or to choose your own way. Step 2 is to “predict your future”,

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Thanksgiving Proclaimation | Self Governance Project

The True Meaning Of Thanksgiving

Turkey, stuffing, football, family, Black Friday shopping, Cyber Monday deals, and setting up Christmas decorations. These are probably the things that come to mind for most of us when we think about Thanksgiving. Then, when someone asks us about why we

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Self Governance Project | Predict Your Future - Mission Statement

Self Governance Step 2: Predict Your Future

At some point in your life, you have probably read or heard the ancient Proverb: “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” This is true for nations as well as individuals. When you don’t have a plan, a goal,

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Self Governance Step 1: Choose Your Own Way

When I was around six years old, my best friend was my cousin who lived down the street. We did everything together and we were both the oldest child in our respective families. One day, as we were playing, my

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Constitution Signing | Self Governance Project

An Experiment In Self Governance

In September 1787, state delegates to the Constitutional Convention exited Independence Hall in Philadelphia having signed their names to a new form of government. Curious citizens had gathered nearby to try and find out what had been produced behind closed

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