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Gold: More Than A Shiny Rock | Self Governance Project

Gold: More Than A Shiny Rock

During the Revolutionary War, Congress was strapped for money. Back in those days, real money was gold and silver. Everyone knew that. So, in order to finance the war and pay for its military, the Continental Congress created debt notes

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The Emotional Man | Self Governance Project

The Emotional Man

Are you an emotional or a rational person? This may seem like an either-or question, but there’s actually only one right answer: All of us are (to some degree) emotional beings. No matter how loudly we say we are ‘data-driven’,

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Different Parties, Same Team | Self Governance Project

Different Parties, Same Team

American politics is a sham. A distraction from the real game being played. If you’re a Republican or Democrat, you might not think so. You might think that the other party is evil and if your side doesn’t take power,

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Resilience | Self Governance Project

Resilience: The Must Have

Are you resilient? That is probably the most important question to think about and answer this year, because in the coming days, you may need it more than ever. Economic Headwinds There’s really no easy way to say this- it’s

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Love Is A Choice | Self Governance Project

Love Is A Choice

When my wife and I got married, one of our first disagreements was over which song would be our wedding song. We both had differing ideas of what we wanted in a song. I wanted something modern with meaningful lyrics,

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